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1.1 Hello! Thank you for your interest in Albar Research (“We”, “Our” and its variations, and “Albar”). Albar carries out quantitative and qualitative studies customized according to the needs and objectives of each project. Therefore, we are committed to the protection of personal information, to the security and transparency in our data processing activities, and to your autonomy in controlling the use of your own personal data (“You”).

1.2. In this way, in order to establish a relationship of trust and transparency with You, Albar has drawn up this “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”. It applies to environments collecting and processing personal data and is aimed at our personal data subjects, who comprise the following categories of natural persons:

  1. Clients: Refers to the natural persons or representatives of legal persons who request and hire the services offered by Albar.

  2. Respondents/participants: Refers to individuals or representatives of legal entities who grant an interview and answer the questions addressed to them;

  3. Suppliers and Service Providers: Refers to individuals or representatives of legal entities who provide services to Albar, such as recruiters, moderators, translators, accounting managers, IT support technicians. As for our employees and collaborators, we have drawn up an Internal Data Processing Policy;

  4. Website visitors: Refers to the persons who access Albar’s institutional website (

1.3. In this Policy, You will find information on what data we collect, what we do with them, the purposes of their collection, how we protect your data and what your rights are regarding them, in compliance with the applicable law, especially with Brazilian Law No. 13,709/2018 (General Data Protection Law – LGPD).


2.1. In order to properly provide Our services, Albar Research needs to process some of your personal data. The data we process and the corresponding purposes are listed below:

Types of data processed

Reason for processing

Registration Data of Individual Clients or Representatives of Legal Entities

Albar collects functional data such as name, tax ID number, national ID number, telephone number, address, e-mail, and banking details to enable communication, service provision, contract elaboration, and financial and accounting services.


Participant Data

Albar collects functional data such as name, profession, tax ID number, national ID number, date of birth, telephone number, address, e-mail, gender, education, income bracket, geographic location, family configuration, consumption habits, professional registration number, racial and ethnic self-declaration, health, image and audio data, and banking details from Respondents/Participants. This data is collected to conduct surveys (including recordings), profile segmentation and eligibility to the type of study, communication, prevention against research fraud, search for research participation in the past six months, analysis of interviews, collection of invoices, and payments.

Supplier and Service Provider Data

Albar collects data such as name, nationality, address, tax ID number, national ID number, telephone number, e-mail, and banking details from Suppliers and Service Providers. This data is collected in order to enable communication, contract elaboration, invoice collection, and payments.

Albar Website Visitors Online Monitoring Data

We may also use proprietary or third-party tools to monitor the activities performed while You access our website, such as cookies, analytics and performance tools. More information about cookies and similar technologies used on the website is available in this Policy (Item 7).

Data Collected and Stored to Comply with Legal or Regulatory Obligations

We collect data to comply with specific legal or regulatory obligations in connection with the services provided by Albar.

Data Processed for the Duly Exercise of Albar’s Rights in Legal, Administrative or Arbitration Proceedings

We may process personal data so that we can analyze and prove facts and matters from a legal perspective in order to act and instruct legal, administrative or arbitration proceedings in which Albar is a party or a stakeholder, as well as when necessary to respond in good faith to court orders or other subpoenas forwarded by competent bodies.


3.1. Albar may share your personal data with third parties, within the limits of the applicable law or of your consent when necessary and appropriate. This sharing is done for the following purposes:

i. Sharing with Financial Institutions: Albar may share your registration data and banking details with financial institutions to make payments in general;

ii: Sharing with Suppliers and Service Providers: Albar may share registration data with individuals or companies that provide services to supply infrastructure, information system and security, management, execution and monitoring of each project’s research, as well as verification of the veracity of certain data;

iii. Sharing with Digital Platforms: Albar may share Your data with platforms that enable communication, interviews and recordings, information exchange, project organization, and temporary data storage;

iv. Sharing with Clients: Albar may share respondents’ data with the Clients who hired the studies. Whenever possible, sharing will be done in a way that does not directly identify the respondents/participants.


  1. Forms of Data Storage and Careful Handling

4.1. All data handled by Albar are temporarily stored in servers hired by us, in compliance with the requirements established by the law in force, and based on the implementation and constant updating of the best market practices in terms of security and privacy, ensuring the integrity and protection of your personal data.

  1. For How Long is Personal Data Stored?

4.2. Your personal data will be kept only for as long as they are deemed useful for the purposes for which they were collected. More specifically, we will keep personal data for the duration of our commercial, contractual or legal relationship in general.

4.3. Note that You can request the deletion of your data in the case of processing of data that is unnecessary, excessive, or not in accordance with LGPD. In these cases, we will register your request and then return to You to report on the internal process. If any of these hypotheses is verified and diagnosed, Albar undertakes to delete the data in question. Contrarily, if no irregularity is found, Albar will inform You and try to address any questions related to our processing activities while respecting our commercial and industrial confidentiality policies.

4.4. Regarding respondents specifically, it is important to note that Albar adopts the best practices to protect the participants of our research projects. For this reason, after the end of the project in which the respondent participated, his or her information is deleted from our system and will under no circumstances be reused in future research. Similarly, we ensure that the professionals hired to conduct the research and who had contact with any of your personal data also delete it. In addition, if You withdraw from the research, Albar also undertakes to delete such information from Our system.


5.1. Albar may transfer some or all of your personal data overseas provided that this is necessary to comply with the provision of our Services to You or to perform any of Albar’s necessary or legitimate functions.

5.2. In offering our Services, we always seek to establish partnerships guaranteeing a high level of security in the storage of information, seeking to enter into contracts that respect the terms of this Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation for the protection of personal data. Our goal is to maintain partnerships capable of guaranteeing the same levels of protection conferred in this Privacy Policy.


6.1. Albar is committed to ensuring that You, holder of personal data, are able to exercise your rights regarding the processing of your personal data in the best way possible, as established by the LGPD. It is worth emphasizing that these rights must be requested expressly by the holder of the personal data or his or her legal representative, as Albar will seek to comply with this request as long as the data ownership is proven. In this way, We observe the rights of the holders provided for in the LGPD and in the form prescribed by it, such as the (i) Right to be informed; (ii) Right to confirmation and Right of access; (iii) Right to rectification; (iv) Right to anonymization, blocking, elimination of data and opposition; (v) Right to withdraw consent; and (vi) Right to data portability.

6.2. All the rights indicated in this Policy may be exercised free of charge, simply by requesting directly to Albar, provided that the requirements are met and its ownership is proven. For such, You must send your request in detail to the e-mail; Albar certainly will use its best efforts to answer it in the shortest time possible and within the legal deadlines, evaluating the compatibility of the request with the legislation in force.

6.3. We also try to comply promptly with all requests sent by our holders, always respecting the privacy and protection of personal data of third parties who may eventually be involved in the process, complying with our commercial and industrial confidentiality policies regarding the requests analyzed.

6.4. Once the requests have been processed, Albar will also make every effort to inform third parties with whom We may have shared your data of the correction, deletion, anonymization or blocking of the data, so that they repeat the same procedure, except in the cases provided for by law. When you hire any one of our Services requiring data sharing, You agree that such data may be handled by Our Partner in accordance with their own privacy policies. We seek to make the sharing as secure as possible, but We are not responsible for third parties’ processing.


7.1. Our site may use cookies and/or similar technologies. It is therefore important that You are familiar with Albar’s policy in this regard. Cookies are a standard feature of platforms that allow small amounts of data to be stored on your computer or mobile device in relation to Your visit to the platform and help us to learn, for example, which areas of the site are useful to You and which areas need improvement. Thus, You can choose to accept the use of cookies and similar technologies in general by changing your browser settings. However, if You choose to disable them, Your experience on the website may be limited and some features may not function as expected.

  1. Cookies and Similar Technologies that We May Use on the Website

7.2. Below you will find a list of the different types of cookies and similar technologies that we may use. To the extent that personal data is collected through cookies, the other Sections of the Privacy Policy apply to and supplement this topic.

  • Essential cookies: These cookies enable you to navigate through the website as well as to use its features. Without these cookies, the website will not perform as well as intended and certain features may not function at all.

  • Preference cookies: Preference cookies collect information about your choices and preferences and allow Albar to remember language and other local settings and to customize the site to your preferences.

  • Analytics cookies: These cookies collect information about your use of the site and allow Albar to improve and correct the features of the platform. For instance, analytics cookies indicate which pages are the most visited on the platform, the time spent and links clicked on pages, as well as helping to record any difficulties You have experienced. This allows Albar to know general site usage patterns. This information is only used to analyze platform traffic, not to identify individual information about You.

  • Browser or device information: Certain pieces of information are collected by most browsers or automatically by the device, such as the Media Access Control (MAC) address, computer type (Windows or Mac), screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, and the type and version of the internet browser You are using. Albar may use this information to ensure that the platform operates correctly.

  1. Managing Cookies and Similar Technologies

7.5. You may refuse or accept cookies from the platform You are using at any time by activating the settings on your browser. Information on the procedure for enabling or disabling cookies can be found on your Internet Service Provider’s website via the help screen, or via the following links: Chrome; Firefox; Microsoft Edge; Internet Explorer. We reiterate, however, that if cookies are disabled, it is possible that some of the features of the platform that You are using may not function as intended.


8.1. Albar Research may change this Privacy Policy at any time, and the version in force will always be the most recent. Thus, we recommend that You visit this page periodically so that You remain up to date.


9.1 This Privacy Policy is governed by the Brazilian legislation. Any dispute related to the website, the Privacy Policy or its content shall be submitted to the Central Forum of the District of São Paulo, in São Paulo, except in cases where there is legal provision to the contrary.

  • Ana Lúcia Mendes


    Ana Lucia is graduated in International Relations from Tufts University, in Boston, and has been a specialist in market research for the pharmaceutical field for over 15 years. She founded Albar Research in 2004 and, as the company’s CEO, she performs her duties mainly focused on sales, occasionally acting as a moderator in interviews and focal groups. Up-to-date with her field of expertise, she is consistently present in national and international market research conferences.

  • Anne Barea Chahad

    Diretora de Projetos

    Anne é fonoaudióloga pela FMUSP com Especialização em Pesquisa de Mercado pela USP. Na Albar Research desde 2010, atuou na área comercial e hoje trabalha como Diretora de Projetos. Ela tem vasta experiência em projetos qualitativos, de diversas metodologias, além de moderação e análise de entrevistas individuais e grupos. É responsável pelo atendimento aos clientes e gerenciamento dos processos de pesquisa.

  • Gabriela Barlach


    Gabriela has a degree in Advertising from University of Amazonia, is postgraduate in Services Marketing from FAAP and has an MBA in Business Management. With prior experience in online marketing, she has been working at Albar Research since 2006. Gabriela composed, for a long time, the Project Managers’ staff, and is currently the company’s Finance and Managing Director. Gabriela also performs work in the sales department, such as servicing national and international clients.