About us

Since 2004, we have been carrying out quantitative and qualitative research marked by excellence in Brazil, providing precise, reliable, quality information to guide our clients’ decision making.
We value care and attention to detail, developing tailor-made studies based on the needs and goals of each project.
To this end, we have a team of specialists consisting of fluent English and Spanish speakers, who provide broad knowledge and expertise in market research and in the adaptation of international research to local realities.

Our Pillars

Clarity and speed

We value clear and fast communication with our clients.


We have extensive experience in market research and the knowledge required to gather precise, quality information to better guide our clients’ decision making.

Quality Research

We employ different methodologies. Choosing the best alternative varies based on each client’s profile, and depends upon the objective to be achieved by the study. When necessary, we work in collaboration with experienced partners in order to always offer the best services.

Environmental awareness

We believe in a more sustainable world, and we incorporate into our projects and our daily life attitudes and policies aimed at reducing our negative impact on the environment.

Services Offered

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Carried out as an aid to business decision making, by providing information/insights to guide such decisions. Qualitative research may be used to test concepts, understand habits, test products and messages, buying processes, and brand positioning, among others.

In gathering data, different tools may be utilized. Such as:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Interviews in two and three
  • Discussion groups
  • In-person and online ethnography
  • Online forums

Additionally, we have ample experience in preparing filters, guides, and discussion cues. We also deliver results in a range of formats, based on the client’s needs: full report, summary, or topline.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

The quantitative research uses a more structured standard of questionnaire than the qualitative research guide. Quantitative research may be used to evaluate market positioning, carry out tracking, understand habits, evaluate concepts, measure satisfaction, etc.

In gathering data, different tools may be utilized. Such as:

  • Personal interviews using CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing)
  • Telephone interviews using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • Self-completing online interviews
  • Interviews in Workshops

We have extensive experience in preparing questionnaires and delivering detailed reports and databases.


Albar adheres to certain codes of conduct:

Who we are

Our team is made up of professionals who are fluent in English, with broad knowledge and expertise in market research and in the adaptation of international research to local realities.

We encourage our clients to monitor projects closely, from planning through the preparation of the reports. We value transparency above all else as the basis for relations with our clients and suppliers.

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  • Ana Lúcia Mendes


    Ana Lucia is graduated in International Relations from Tufts University, in Boston, and has been a specialist in market research for the pharmaceutical field for over 15 years. She founded Albar Research in 2004 and, as the company’s CEO, she performs her duties mainly focused on sales, occasionally acting as a moderator in interviews and focal groups. Up-to-date with her field of expertise, she is consistently present in national and international market research conferences.

  • Anne Barea Chahad

    Diretora de Projetos

    Anne é fonoaudióloga pela FMUSP com Especialização em Pesquisa de Mercado pela USP. Na Albar Research desde 2010, atuou na área comercial e hoje trabalha como Diretora de Projetos. Ela tem vasta experiência em projetos qualitativos, de diversas metodologias, além de moderação e análise de entrevistas individuais e grupos. É responsável pelo atendimento aos clientes e gerenciamento dos processos de pesquisa.

  • Gabriela Barlach


    Gabriela has a degree in Advertising from University of Amazonia, is postgraduate in Services Marketing from FAAP and has an MBA in Business Management. With prior experience in online marketing, she has been working at Albar Research since 2006. Gabriela composed, for a long time, the Project Managers’ staff, and is currently the company’s Finance and Managing Director. Gabriela also performs work in the sales department, such as servicing national and international clients.